Dear Patients,

We are here for your health needs, however we need to make some changes in our normal operations to minimize risk of COVID 19. We are answering the phones during our normal business hours and Dr. Winters is available by cell at all times (513) 582-6531.

If you are healthy: Stay home as much as possible, practice social distancing, clean hands and surfaces frequently. Consider postponing routine appointments to minimize risk of exposure. We are able to delay appointments for refills and can manage these over the phone or through the patient portal.

If you are sick with cold symptoms, fever, cough, sore throat, mild shortness of breath and fatigue: Stay home. Testing for COVID 19 is not recommended or available for mild cases. Take Tylenol 650mg every 4 hours, maintain fluid intake and eat healthy meals.

If you are sick with the above symptoms and believe you should be evaluated in the office: Call the office (513) 892-9222. You will speak to a provider who will give you instructions. We will try to handle this situation over the phone. If you come to the office we will need to make arrangements for you to come through the back door.

If you are sick with fever and respiratory distress (severe shortness of breath): You will need to be evaluated at a hospital or COVID triage center. Please call to let them know you are coming so they can prepare for you. Fort Hamilton Emergency Department is (513) 867-2254.

If you need ongoing care for chronic conditions, acute care for injuries, acute care for illness not involving the upper respiratory system, and other urgent needs:   We will see you in the office. Please avoid emergency departments if possible. Please practice social distancing and hand washing when you come to the office. If you would like to wait in your car until your exam is ready please call us when you arrive and we will let you know when to come in.

Our primary goal is to keep as many patients as possible out of the emergency departments and hospitals during this time. We are here to manage your heart failure, COPD, diabetes and other chronic health problems and any urgent needs that arise. We are taking extra precautions to keep patients safe in the office including more frequent cleaning, staff monitoring, and separating sick from well patients. We will change our policies to accommodate this rapidly evolving situation. Please contact us with concerns at (513) 892-9222.

Together we will all get through this!