Why can’t my medical problem be treated without an office visit?

Often we receive phone calls from patients requesting treatment for a specific problem or symptom (urinary infection, sinus infection, cold/flu).  Our policy is not to prescribe antibiotics unless we have evaluated you in the office. This allows us to appropriately evaluate and treat the problem or concern - reducing unneeded prescriptions and ensuring that you receive the very best care.


How often do I need to be seen in the office?

Frequency of office visits varies greatly depending on your overall health and prescribed medications. We are happy to address these concerns on an individual basis.


Why did I receive a bill?

Depending on your insurance coverage, your visit might not be covered completely. We are happy to help you understand your bill. You might be asked to contact your insurance company if you have a question regarding your deductible or other coverage concerns. We will gladly help you set up a payment plan if required.


Will blood draws in the office be covered by my insurance?

LabCorp completes our laboratory studies. Please check with your insurance company to ensure that LabCorp is a covered laboratory. If it is not covered you will need to have your blood drawn at an outside laboratory.


What can I eat/drink before a blood draw?

For fasting blood work, we ask that you fast for 8-10 hours. This means no food at all. You can have water and black coffee (no cream or sugar). You can take your medications with water.


Who will be seeing me at my appointment?

Dr. Winters and Mary try to alternate visits in order for patients to be comfortable with both providers. If you have a specific request for your visit just let us know.