The above fitness plan is recommended for overall health and wellness. It details nutritional recommendations, routine physical exercise, meal timing, and avoidance of unhealthy behaviors. Following these recommendations allows for prevention and/or control of multiple medical conditions including hyperlipidemia, diabetes, vascular disease, heart disease, dementia, fractures, and dental disease. Following this plan will make you happier, more productive, and active throughout your lifetime.


Nutritional recommendations:

Eat mostly vegetables (fibrous carbohydrates) - aim for one pound per meal

Stick to lean proteins

Small serving of complex carbohydrate with each meal

Avoid eating out except for special occasions


Meal timing:

Eat multiple meals throughout the day

Avoid hunger

Follow this plan for breakfast!


Physical exercise:

Just do it!

Combine weight training, cardio, stretching, and core activities



Caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, soda, fruit, dairy, refined sugars, refined fats, packaged/processed foods, pasta, bread, fried/fatty foods, sweets, and artificial sweeteners



Nutri-bullet Recipes:


“Good Morning”


½ lemon peeled and seeds removed

8 ribs celery

1/3 cup berries

½ cucumber with peel

½-1 cup water


May eliminate lemon and add protein powder for a complete meal



“Afternoon Pick Me UP”


8 ribs celery

½ lemon peeled and seeds removed

One whole red bell pepper with stem and seeds removed

½ cucumber

Tabasco or other hot sauce to taste

½-1cup water


"Veggie Blast"


1 cup spinach

1 tomato

1 med carrot

1/4 cup parsley

1/2 small beet

1 celery stalk

1 cup water



*As an alternative, you can substitute coconut water for a different flavor and consistency