Effective July, 2016 the office of JB Winters, DO has achieved the certification of Patient Centered Medical Home! We are all very proud of this accomplishment and look forward to assisting you to be the healthiest you possible. 




 Welcome to Your Medical Home

What is a Medical Home? A medical home is a medical office where we work together to provide a new, expanded type of care.  We use state of the art, evidence-based guidelines and work with you to formulate a plan for your care.

What Should Your Medical Home Do?

  • We want to know your family and life situation and treat you based on understanding you as a “whole” patient.  We want to use these details about you to direct your treatment in a way that works for you.

  • We want to easily be able to communicate with you.  You need time to have you questions asked and answered and to be certain that we understand what you need.

  • We want to help you care for yourself. 

  • We want you to leave the office understanding what comes next.  For those with chronic diseases or health goals we want to help you meet those goals and give you the support you need to improve your health.  We want you to know when you need to be seen for an appointment, what types of medical needs are appropriate for urgent or emergent care and what types of care we should see you for in the office. 

  • We need to know when you go to specialists and help you get the most the out of those visits. 

  • We want to coordinate your care with all other health providers and give you access to resources for self-management of your disease or minor illnesses. To improve your quality and efficiency of care, we have streamlined electronic connections with specialists, hospitals, radiology, pharmacy, laboratory services, and yourself, the patient. 

  • We participate in national data reporting for research into improved models of primary care services and disease management.

  • We want you to know what you need to do to stay healthy and manage illness.  We want you to feel confident in managing your health.

What Can You Do?

  • Learn about caring for yourself.  

  • Learn about your condition and follow the plan we come up with together.  

  • Set goals and ask for help in reaching them.  

  • Understand when follow ups are needed and keep track of your medications.  

  • We want you to take charge of your own health and be confident in working toward total health and wellness.

  • Communicate with us.  Bring us a list of your questions.  

  • Keep a list of all medications, vitamins and supplements you are taking.  

  • Let us know if you have seen any other health professional and what tests they have performed or medications they have prescribed.  

  • Ask questions if you don’t understand something and let us know what your experience getting care has been.

How a Medical Home Works For You

  • We are available 24 hours a day if you need us.

  • You can communicate with physicians by calling 513-892-9222 during and after hours if you are unsure of what you need to do.

  • We have same day appointments available.

  • We also actively use the Athena portal for electronic secure communication to address your questions and send lab results.  If you haven’t received your user name and password, ask us and we will get you signed up.